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A day in the life of Oprah

Emulating others has always been a part of human nature, and therefore it makes sense that by copying the habits of highly successful people, we hope that those habits will have similar results for us. To this end, and also for the sake of journalism, I attempt to live like Oprah Winfrey for a day, following her very mindful daily schedule.

At 7:10am Oprah wakes up, surrounded by nature. In the Scottish capital, I must look for an alternative. Luckily, as a fully-fledged millennial, I own multiple plants – some of which are even real! I gaze at my favourite succulent for a while, consider that my dose of nature for the day and move on.

8am – Oprah brushes her teeth and walks her dogs. Success in the first instance but a lack of dogs makes the second one hard to accomplish. Undeterred, I soldier on to read a spiritual mantra, provided the woman herself: “You become what you believe.” Unsure what to make of this, I proceed to Oprah’s daily coffee with hazelnut. By far the most enjoyable element so far - without sounding too much like an overpaid wellness Instagrammer, the hazelnut milk is a delicious, creamy revelation. Next, must endure 20 minutes of meditation. I am all for quietening the mind but 20 minutes seems overwhelming. Oprah does hers on a rock specially shaped like a seat, but it is -1 outside so I do mine on our sofa (also specially shaped like a seat.)

9am arrives when Oprah has up to 3 people come to her house to push against her body to stretch and strengthen her. I sheepishly ask my flatmates to do the honours, but baffled faces stare back at me. Instead I go to yoga which seems almost the same thing. At 10:30, a designer from LA puts on a mini show in Oprah’s house. She can choose anything she likes. Obviously, student budget and general status in society doesn’t allow me to replicate this. Bitterly scroll Asos instead.

At 12:30pm, as I shiver eating a cold Tupperware outside Quartermile, I question if this is what Oprah had in mind when she recommended dining al fresco.

At 1:30pm, Oprah does all her work. In two hours. Whilst she personally signs all cheques over $100,000, I am currently struggling to work out how to transfer someone the €2.38 I owe them from the Uni ski trip.

3:30pm. Exercise again. This is exhausting- coffee, salad, and soup does hardly a day’s worth of nourishment make! After this, Oprah heads down to her OWN teahouse to read. I take my book to a cafe, owned not by me, and nurse a jasmine tea, feeling smug and zen in equal parts.

6pm. Oprah has a bowl of soup – so I have a bowl of soup. Oprah and I are one and the same, united by being humble soup people. After dinner means reading again, this time by a fire. I put “crackling fire loop” on YouTube and place my laptop in the chimney – I can almost smell the wood smoke.

This is clearly a post-success schedule, earned by Oprah as the fruits of a long career, yet her mindful habits can still resonate. Clearly, a 2-hour working day is not a possibility for most of us, (let alone the other perks of being a bona fide queen) but slowing down your day can sometimes be just as efficient as the manic pace we often opt for. Taking time for yourself, be it reading a book or appreciating the natural world, can be powerful, so perhaps we should all take a leaf out of Oprah’s book in some way or another.

- Mia Sharp