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George's Marvellous Meditations: Spotify Wrapped

"Aaaaahhhhhh. BREATHE. Aaaaaahhhh. BREATHE. Aaaaahhhhh. BREATHE,” has become quite a common sound in my house of late. And not just because I’m really good at keeping on top of my CBT homework.

No - I’ve been having singing lessons. And “Aaaaahhh. BREATHE” is the glorious sound of a warm-up routine I’ve found in the depths of Spotify. Power Vocal Warm Ups' "Falling Ahs" to give it its official name.

“BUT GEORGE, YOU CAN’T SING” I hear you shout (with perfect timing and tunefulness might I add.)

Well I guess the jury's out on that... And, to be honest, that's completely by the by. Because the reason I’m even bringing this up is that it has completely RUINED the one thing I most look forward to every December.

No! Not Christmas with the family, or the smile on my niece’s face when she sees her first snowflake - on the telly of course, it’s Christmas in Reading, not New York. No. It’s Spotify Wrapped that’s been ruined, because instead of Ariana Grande/Aitch/Beyoncé taking their rightful place at the top, my Spotify throne has been usurped by vocal exercises...


And yes. Maybe I should just bore off. I know we’ve all seen far too many people thinking that being Lewis Capaldi’s thirteen millionth best fan is the definition of fun for all the family.

But it is a little sad, right?

Spotify Wrapped is a look into our souls after all. Reminding us all that we are really all just basic af and that Taylor Swift’s Folklore was a bloody marvellous modern classic - at least for me anyway.

But THANKS Spotify. Now that 'Falling Ahs’ is apparently a ’show tune,’ my December is ruined. My 2020 even!

Aaahhhhhhh. God.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

- George Prové