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My mask is making my rose-tinted glasses steam up: nostalgia in 2020

As we approach the end of what I think we can agree has been a pretty dismal year, I began to reflect on our current (and totally justified) obsession with nostalgia. Whether it be via Lizzie McGuire memes, the return of the Juicy Couture tracksuit, or tweets declaring we would “literally even take back Cameron/Clegg”, we cannot get enough of the "good ol’ times." Nostalgia, meaning, “a longing or desire for what once was,” is a natural reaction to our troubling times. With a deadly virus on the loose, a watered-down Christmastime, and a fairly bleak future for our planet, who can blame us for fondly reminiscing, rose-tinted glasses or otherwise?

At Idle Chit Chat HQ, we have collected our favourite nostalgia picks to bring a little joy this festive season.

TV Series – The Vicar of Dibley

VoD reminds me of rainy Saturday afternoons. Endless tea, putting off homework, and snacking on Mr Kipling treats. It’s just so cute ‘n’ cosy – you won’t regret bringing it back into your life.

Charlie O’Connell, ICC contributor

Film – anything from Mary-Kate and Ashley's œuvre

Nothing fuels more nostalgia for me than hearing the names Mary-Kate and Ashley. Their catalogue of films coloured our childhoods. From Holiday in the Sun to New York Minute, The Challenge and Billboard Dad. We watched them all and knew the scripts word for word. Despite the addiction though, I still cannot tell them apart…but I am sure Passport to Paris was the spark that ignited my love for les français.

Tori Sharp, ICC contributor

Album – Let Go by Avril Lavigne

Back in the days when you didn’t have the magic of Spotify in your hands, the car journey to school would be characterised by the daily begging to put on one’s CD of choice. “Had enough of Dido, Mummy!” Gleefully ejecting Life for Rent and jamming in Avril. CD barely loaded, skipping straight to Track 2 via muscle memory, and screaming the rest of the way to the misnomered “Complicated.” The level of angst in those songs was totally disproportionate to my childhood woes of “how far away is Christmas?”, “I got a spelling wrong”, and “I’m not sure I quite feel like playing netball when it’s -4 degrees Mrs Williams.” My attachment to this album at once makes me laugh and fills me with longing for simpler times.

To relive your musical past, visit The Nostalgia Machine, a genius invention of a website that offers you the “best of” from any given year.

Mia, half of ICC

Fashion – a dubious Rolling Stones t-shirt

My nostalgic item of clothing is this grey t-shirt I had from Topshop which featured the Rolling Stones tongue. The tongue was bejewelled, obviously, and I remember getting it and thinking it was SO sick. Not to mention it was the first thing I ever got from Topshop when I was, like, 12 – the beginning of a golden era! All my friends had the same one, and, of course, none of us listened to the Rolling Stones…

Katie Martin, ICC contributor

NB: Maddy (the other half of ICC) would like to add Jane Norman just as a general store/concept to the nostalgic fashion section. She feels no explanation is necessary.

Food – Custard Creams

Own-brand custard creams make me nostalgic – but in a really terrible way. Mostly because I once ate 15 of them in a 10-minute sitting at school and then proceeded almost to vomit before my double history lesson. Now even the smell of them makes me feel weird. Anyway, I'd rather be back in that fateful breaktime than I would Tier 4.

Maddy, half of ICC

- Mia Sharp